Stop the Liberals, Blue Hat - Free Shipping

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Stop the Liberals, Blue Hat - Free Shipping

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“Stop the Liberals" Blue Hat

One size, adjustable back strap.

Here is a great way to stand against the Liberals misguided attacks on the firearms community while ignoring the gangs and criminals which are the proven real problem. Not to mention the many other great reasons to get them out of government. Wear your hat proudly and do your part!

At Bullseye London, we want to provide you information to enhance your conversations with non-firearm people about the law and the various shooting sports. There is a lot of wrong information and in some cases, no information being provided to the general public. All of us must be ambassadors so we believe we have to help in the conversation regarding firearms, if we don’t say something who will?

If you don’t talk to them, do you expect the Liberal government or the media to provide accurate or supportive dialogue supporting firearms? Well… do you?

Q: Why are you wearing that hat?

A: I want to start a conversation. I would like to discuss with you how the Liberal government is ignoring the facts about firearms in Canada.

It would be really nice if they spent more time, money and effort going after the real problem of criminals and gangs and not the law-abiding gun owners that are following all the rules and laws.

Maybe you don’t know what firearm owners must do.

Other things you might ask are to encourage a conversation.

“Did you know that to own a firearm, you must have a licence?”

“Did you know that Assault Rifles are already prohibited in Canada?”

“Did you know that holders of firearms licenses have the lowest rate of criminal activity of any group in Canada?”

“Did you know that gang related shootings have doubled since the Liberals came into power?”

“Did you know that 95% of homicides in Canada are directly attributed to organized crime and gang activity?”

“Did you know that to get a licence, you must have character references, including your spouse?”

“Did you know that to get a licence, a complete background check is done?”

“Did you know that once you have a licence, all licensees have their names checked daily with a National CPIC looking for any criminal infractions?”

“Did you know that to there are mandatory storage requirements for firearms?”

“Did you know that handguns can only be shot at an approved shooting range that is inspected constantly?”

“Did you know that to transport a handgun to the approved range, there are mandatory requirements?”

“Did you know that there are restrictions on magazine capacities?”

“Did you know the vast majority of Police Chiefs are not in favour of a handgun ban?”

“Did you know that the Federal government tracks every firearm owner including their place of residence and vehicle information?”

“I have a federally issued photo ID that indicates that I am not a criminal. It is a Firearms License. No other citizen group in the country is subject to constant oversight and scrutiny. No government agency tracks known criminals.”

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