MCARBO Kel-Tec KS7 Target Trigger, 2222600033333

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MCARBO Kel-Tec KS7 Target Trigger, 2222600033333

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CNC Machined Aluminum KEL TEC KS7 Target Trigger
- Pre-Travel Adjustment to Improve KS7 Trigger Pull.
- Tumbled Smooth & Hard Plated with Black Anodizing for Superior Strength
- Ultimate KEL TEC KS7 Trigger Replacement!
- Custom KS7 Shotgun Accessories by Combat Veterans!
- Best Kel Tec KS7 Aftermarket Parts Made Right Here in America!
- Custom Machined 6061 Aluminum Trigger will eliminate KS7 Trigger Flex!
- KEL TEC KS7 Trigger Upgrade provides clean & crisp trigger pull improvement
- Custom KEL TEC KS7 Trigger Job!
- Protected by the M*CARBO 100% Lifetime Guarantee
- Made in the USA!

Best KEL TEC KS7 Trigger Replacement won’t flex like the plastic factory trigger and has zero pre-travel after proper adjustment! Another advantage is the wider smooth blade on the trigger with no hump in the middle or plastic ribs like the factory plastic KS7 trigger it the most ideal KEL TEC KS7 Trigger Upgrade available. Custom KEL TEC KS7 Accessories like the KEL TEC KS7 Trigger by M*CARBO is CNC machined out of a block of 6061 aircraft grade aluminum, then tumbled to remove sharp corners and finally hard platted with black anodizing to give it superior strength and a premium finish.

Put a real trigger on your KEL-TEC KS7 that won't flex or warp under rapid fire! The M*CARBO KS7 Target Trigger was designed to put you in more control of your KS7 Shotgun. You will immediately notice a much smoother and more crisper trigger pull with the M*CARBO CNC Machined Aluminum KS7 Target Trigger.

This is one of the best trigger improvements you can make to your KEL-TEC KS7 aside from the KEL TEC KS7 Trigger Spring Kit which will reduce your trigger pull from 7 lbs to a modified 3.5 lbs and is one of the few KEL-TEC KS7 Accessories that can immediately improve accuracy!

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